Our Company

PT Komodo Armament Indonesia is the first and only private company in the defense industry in Indonesia that manufactures law enforcement and military weapons and ammunition.

The armament that is produced by PT Komodo Armament Indonesia is branded by Indonesia’s iconic prehistoric lizard by the name of KOMODO ARMAMENT.

KOMODO ARMAMENT manufacture various sizes of polymer and steel frame pistols, assault rifles in calibers 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm, highly accurate sniper rifles from infantry style sniper rifles to the newly developed chassis style sniper rifles, six-barrel external powered machine gun which we call the ELIGUN.

KOMODO ARMAMENT produces also NATO caliber ammunition from 9x19mm to the high power 12.7x99mm linked for machine gun or sniper rifle rounds. The latest addition to our lineup of firearms is our bolt action chassis sniper rifle which we had developed taking the proven classic and tested short action receiver to the much more ease of use LeftHand Straight Pull (LSP) Sniper Chassis Rifle or LSPSCR.

KOMODO ARMAMENT has been established to support the Indonesian government’s effort to be more independent in the defense sector and to actively create new ideas and design for the improvement of individual  soldier’s military firepower.

Under direct supervision of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense, KOMODO ARMAMENT is aggressively exporting its products abroad.

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