D7 CH Sniper Rifle

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Project Description

Our Sniper Rifle has a proven and well tested short bolt action receiver. It is very durable and have a robust material and very dependable designed internal parts.

It is configurable to adapt and receive a wide array of accessories that are needed by the operator.

KOMODO ARMAMENT understand this and take it very seriously in manufacturing and developing the parts that are critical for the dependability of this equipment. Nothing is overlooked and taken lightly during this process.

KOMODO BOLT ACTION CHASSIS SNIPER RIFLE is very unique in that it is highly configurable to adapt to the various need of the operator in building his sniper instrument. It is able to change-out from the forend, receiver and the fold-able butt-stock. The forend accepts two screws picatinny up to nine screws picatinny within the octagon forend and have a ten-point attachment contact making it very rigid and strong, creating less flex during shooting when thermal or night vision optic is attached.

The Bolt Action Chassis Sniper Rifle Series:

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